Types of Visas

Types of Visas

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Royal Thai Embassy may issue the following types of visas:

Special Tourist Visa (STV) 
(Period of stay: 90 days) 

Tourist Visa     
For tourism purpose including for boxing training, scuba diving training and yoga training
(Maximum stay: 60 days)                                                                                                                                                          

Non-Immigrant Visa
For the purposes of business, study, conference, seminar, film production, journalism, volunteer work or accompanying a Thai spouse

Visa Exemption Scheme                                                                                                      
(Maximum stay: 30 days)

Transit Visa     
For transitting through the Kingdom to proceed to your country of destination or to re-enter your home country
(Maximum stay: 30 days)

Visa on Arrival
(maximum stay: 15 days)

Working Holiday Visa
* Temporarily Suspended


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