Applying for a Visa

Applying for a Visa

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Who needs to apply for a visa to Thailand?

  • Foreign nationals who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand are required to obtain a visa according to their purpose of visit before entering Thailand. 
  • Passport holders of certain countries are not required to obtain a visa if they meet the visa exemption requirements. For more information on the visa exemption scheme, please click here
  • Passport holders of certain countries may apply for a visa on arrival (at Thailand's immigration checkpoints) for the purpose of tourism and for a period of stay not exceeding 15 days. For more information on visa on arrival, please click here.


Visa Application

1. A valid visa is required for entry to Thailand. The type of visa to be issued depends on the purpose of visit. For more information on the types of visa and required supporting documents, please click here.

2. A Visa Application Form must be duly completed and signed by the applicant. Please make sure that full details of the applicant are provided, especially the applicant's name, email address, occupation, purpose of visit, required type of visa, proposed address in Thailand and contacts of the local guarantor in New Zealand and/or those of the guarantor in Thailand.   

3. For a tourist or transit visa, a Document Checklist must be attached with the application form, together with all other relevant documents.         

4. Nationals of particular countries are subject to additional requirements. For more information, please click here.

5. DO NOT send your visa applications by e-mail. Application forms may not be submitted electronically. The application form must be printed and submitted to the Royal Thai Embassy together with other required documents.

6. DO NOT use digital signatures. Digital signatures do not comply with the current Thai law. The applicant must sign the application form in his/her own handwriting.

7. Visa fees are accepted in cash or bank transfers in NZ currency only. Other forms of payment will not be accepted.  

8. Submitting the visa application form:

    8.1 Completed visa application forms may be submitted in person at the Visa Section of the Royal Thai Embassy on Monday - Friday during 09:30 A.M. -  12:00 P.M.  Please note that the office is closed on New Zealand and Thai public holidays. 

    8.2 Alternatively, completed application forms, together with other required documents, may be sent to the Royal Thai Embassy by courier to the following address:
                 Visa Section
                 Royal Thai Embassy
                 110 Molesworth Street, Thorndon,
                 P.O. Box 12247

           A self-addressed courier bag with a tracking number is required for returning the passport to the applicant. For rural delivery address, please also provide an additional sticker to cover the rural delivery.

9. All information provided in the application form and required documents will be used for assessing the eligibility for the issuance of a tourist, transit or non–immigrant visa. The Embassy reserves the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary. Insufficient or incomplete information may result in the application being declined and returned to the applicant.

10. Visa applications take at least 2 - 3 working days to process from the date that all required documents have been received.  However, if additional documents are requested it may take longer to process the visa applications. Some types of visa may also take longer to process and it could take up to 8 weeks to issue the visa. Therefore, it is recommended that the completed visa application form, together with all required documents and processing fees, is submitted at least one month before the intended date of travel or at the first instance in order to avoid any inconvenience.


  • The applicant is responsible for identifying and requesting the correct type of visa according to the intended purpose and period of stay in Thailand.​ The type of visa requested cannot be changed once the visa application has been submitted. The Embassy reserves to right to decide and grant the appropriate type of visa, as well as the number of entries, irrespective of the visa fees submitted at the time of application. 

  • The Embassy reserves the right to deny a visa without assigning reasons.

  • The visa fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the requested visa is ultimately issued or denied.      

  • All notificatifications will be made by email. The Embassy will not telephone you to advise the status of your application. If any requirement has not been met, the Embassy will notify you by email ONLY. Therefore, it is important that an email address is provided and clearly written in the application form.  

  •  The validity period of the visa begin from the date the visa is issued.  Visas cannot be issued on a future date to match the applicant's itinerary and expected date of entry to the Kingdom of Thailand. 
  • After collecting the passport with the issued visa, the applicant MUST check type of visa carefully and make sure that it accords with the intended purpose and period of stay in Thailand. If there are any doubts, the issue MUST be raised immediately with the staff. If the applicant fails to do so, the Embassy takes no responsibility for the consequences thereafter.  
  • For enquiries on the status of the visa application, please contact the visa section during the visa application hours between 09:30 A.M. -  12:00 P.M. from Monday - Friday. Visa enquiries outside these hours will not be answered.
  • Visa requirements and information may change without prior notice.