“Your Secret Recipe – Product of Thailand” Cooking Video Contest

“Your Secret Recipe – Product of Thailand” Cooking Video Contest

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Enter our Fun Cooking Video Contest for a Chance to Win Food Prizes!

26 August – 13 September 2021

The Royal Thai Embassy invites anybody living in New Zealand to get creative with their cooking and show off their inner chef for a chance to win gift vouchers for New World and Thai restaurants anywhere in New Zealand.

Send in a video of you making a dish (be it traditional Thai, fusion, or even a newly created dish) that uses at least one edible “Product of Thailand”. Be inspired, be creative and have fun! All videos should be submitted before 13 September 2021.


1st Place: $200 New World gift voucher + $100 gift voucher for any Thai restaurant in NZ
2nd Place: $150 New World gift voucher + $80 gift voucher for any Thai restaurant in NZ
3rd Place: $100 New World gift voucher + $50 gift voucher for any Thai restaurant in NZ

The winners of the contest will be announced on the Royal Thai Embassy’s website and Facebook page on 16 September 2021.

Contest Criteria:

- Contestants must be in New Zealand;
- At least one Thai ingredient/seasoning/produce must be presented in the video;
- Videos must be presented in English, and last no longer than 7 minutes;
- Videos must be recorded in the contestant’s home kitchen, or a location where the contestant has obtained permission to record the video;
- Videos must be original (never previously published), and under the sole property of the contestants;
- More than one participant can be in the video, provided all participants in the video live in the same bubble, and Alert Level 4 lockdown guidelines are followed;
- Contestants must complete a video submission form agreeing to allow the Royal Thai Embassy to present, or use, the submitted video clip on the Embassy’s website, Facebook page, or other media channels, as well as at Embassy events, and confirm that the participants give consent, or have obtained permission from their parents/guardians (if the participant is a minor), to be in a video that will be available on public domains (please complete the form below); and
- Only one entry can be submitted per contestant.

Video Submission:

1. You must complete and submit the signed video submission form (download here) to: secretary@thaiembassynz.org.nz.

2. Your video clip must be uploaded to YouTube and shared with the Royal Thai Embassy in accordance with the steps below:
    - Upload your video clip to your YouTube Channel, and ensure your video is set as “Unlisted” so that only you and those who you share your video link with can view the video;
    - Share your video link to the email addresses: admin02@thaiembassynz.org.nz and secretary@thaiembassynz.org.nz;
    - Your video can be switched to "Public" after the end of the contest (13 September 2021).

3. Your video submission is only considered complete upon successful completion of both steps 1 and 2 above.


Note: By submitting an entry, the contestant confirms that the video is an original work, and the contestant is the sole owner of all rights to the video. The contestant also agrees to allow the Royal Thai Embassy to post the video on the Embassy’s website and other social media platforms, as well as use the video at the Embassy’s events, without compensation.